How Are You?

How Are You?

This month marks a year of lockdowns throughout the country. Many things have happened since and we are still dealing with many Covid-19 outbreaks. Living during a pandemic has not been easy, neither mentally nor physically. I know for myself it has been extremely stressful since I am my parent’s primary caregiver, and I am constantly on alert making sure that they stay safe and healthy. 

Having to care for other people can take its toll mentally, and it is important that we all take the time to take care of ourselves. We cannot pour from an empty cup, not matter how much you think you can.

This month, and any month, take care of your mental health. If you need help, please reach out to others. There are many places and people that are professionals that are willing and wanting to help others. 

I wish you all a wonderful rest of the month.

Take care of yourself!

Liliana Lopez

P.S. Happy Women’s History Month!


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