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Interview with Liliana Lopez


Liliana Lopez is working on the latest children’s book installment of Melinda and the Unicorns. The next fantasy book “ Melinda and the Unicorns & the Lonely Mermaid,” will focus on a new band member that loves music as much as Melinda, Ana, and Sofia. There is a new band member in town and she’s going to show the town of Silencio how music is done!

Liliana is also working on a STEM science fiction middle grade book for girls titled “Linda: The Mars Chronicles. This book is exciting because it’s set in the future, and the hope is that little girls will be inspired to pursue careers in Astrobiology, Mathematics, NASA Engineers, etc. Linda is a very smart, but very shy student. Her dream is to become an Astrobiologist, will she work hard enough to make it happen?

Liliana Lopez